[EDEQUITY] Categorically Terrifying

From: Dolores Pitman (dpitman@mesa.k12.co.us)
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 15:46:11 EDT

The contact person for the National Coalition for Equity in Education
(NCEE) is Dr. Julian Weissglass. He is the project director and
contact person for the various equity leadership institutes. His email
address is weissgla@math.ucsb.edu

His phone number is (805) 893-7722

Inquiries about the Colorado Coalition for Equity in Eduction (CCE)
or the equity leadership institute in Colorado - contact: Vivian Elliott
at VivElliott@aol.com

I can also pass along requests to either of these folks. I hope this
helps. Bye for now, Dolores

Dolores Pitman <dpitman@mesa.k12.co.us>

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