[EDEQUITY] Help(Home Schooling Strategies)

From: C123S105L@aol.com
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 17:05:25 EDT

Dear Edequity: A few days ago I sent two letters to edequity asking for
suggestions regarding the fact that my daughter, who is now 12, has decided

to be home schooled for a year and see how she likes it. We are happy at
prospect but I have now began to panick a little realizing how hard it is
suddenly become a teacher when that is not one's profession. I have sent
massives amounts of information and recently purchased a book with 860
and almost as many entries regarding home schooling
curriculum resources for every single subject conceivable. The only
of course, being the fact that there is only 3 or four references made
regarding women's history or issues !!!! Therefore after going back and
contacting and calling many curriculum resources we have come to
realize...what we have always known....if one wants to teach one's daughter

about women and issues where women play important roles...one must end up
designing an entire curricular area of study !!!!! That idea in itself is
scarry enough to ''scare the intellectual daylights'' out of any woman,
including a born, self taught and hard core feminist like me !!!!! So here
Iam feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of teaching my daughter what I have
been preaching for sometime... Designing, writing, researching,
curriculum and not loose sight that it most be presented in a way that is
both academically sound and fun for this young girl. I have began putting
some ideas into paper concerning social studies, many areas of history,
religion, a little philosophy, literature, mythology etc. with the
notion of presenting a balanced, slightly academically formal view,
with a less known and tried feminine perspective to these major
areas of study... it is not an easy task.Can someone offer some
suggestions please ? And can someone tell me how
to contact that Chicago girls school (the first in the country?)
with a feminist academic curriculum?
Thanks !

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