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From: Nancy Gruver (nancyg@newmoon.org)
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 10:04:40 EDT

I'm a mother who homeschooled my daughters (now 19) in part because of
our concern for the lack of gender equity in the schools and
curriculum in our community. over the years we adopted an
"unschooling" approach which meant that our daughters had the freedom
to choose what and when they would do academic study and what and when
they would learn in a non-academic way.

great resources for both homeschooling & unschooling are at:
and i highly recommend subscribing to the "growing without schooling"
newsletter (at the holtgws site above). it has been invaluable to us.
a fantastic, inspiring book is "the teenage liberation handbook" by
grace llewellyn - can be ordered at 541-686-2315 & also request a copy
of the genius tribe catalog which recommends many other resources.
the perspective is definitely feminist.

more specifically about resources on women, the national women's
history project is an excellent resource at www.nwhp.org. i also
highly recommend a new book by riane eisler called "tomorrow's
children", published by westview. it's about "partnership education"
which values women and men, all races, all cultures equally. the book
includes extensive resources about women and girls and how our
accomplishments and strengths must be part of all education. another
good source of specific research/recommendations is at www.aauw.org

there's also a newsletter/journal called "feminist teacher" which i've
never actually seen a copy of but the most recent contact number i
have for it (i think the editorship passes to different people) is
508-285-7722, marcy michaud. don't know if it would be helpful or not
since i haven't seen it.

and you might be interested in checking out new moon magazine & new
moon network, which i publish (www.newmoon.org). we have a "herstory"
department in every issue of the girls' magazine and also feature
women and their work every issue.

good luck in your journey with your daughter - both of you are lucky
to be doing it!

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