[EDEQUITY] "Beyond the Gender Wars" Symposium

From: Jordan-Meldrum, Janalee (MELDRUMJ@aauw.org)
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 11:09:52 EDT

For a symposium on moving "Beyond the 'Gender Wars' "
sponsored by the AAUW Educational Foundation

The discussion of gender equity and education over the last ten years has
developed as something of a zero sum game between the sexes-an argument
which group faces the most problems in school, with an implication that as
one group gains, the other loses.

The AAUW Educational Foundation's symposium is intended to move beyond the
"who is the real victim?" debate in the "gender wars" over education. The
public forum on September 15 will convene prominent scholars writing about
boys and girls to share insights, identify areas of common concern, and
discuss how we might think more critically about gender issues in

Participants include:

* Columnist and author Ellen Goodman, chair
* William Pollack, Harvard University, author of Lost Boys
* Patricia Hersch, author of A Tribe Apart
* James Garbarino, Cornell University, author of Real Boys
* Michael Kimmel, SUNY-Stony Brook, author of Masculinities
* Susan Bailey, Wellesley Center for Research on Women, principal
           author of How Schools Shortchange Girls
* Lynn Phillips, New School for Social Research, author of The
* Toni Clewell, The Urban Institute, co-author of Breaking the
* Barrie Thorne, U.C. Berkeley, author of Gender Play


Date: September 15, 2000
Location: National Press Club, Washington, DC
                     First Amendment Room
Time: 10:00-12:00

This forum is free, but seating will be limited. For more information,
contact Amy Beckrich, Program Assistant, AAUW Educational Foundation,
202/728-7602 or beckricha@aauw.org.

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