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Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 09:46:13 EDT

Forwarded by Sophia Huyer, WIGSAT

The Institute for Women's Studies and Gender Studies at the
University of Toronto is hosting an international conference
in November 2000 and would like to disseminate the conference
information as widely as possible. General information and a call
for papers follow below, and are also available from the conference
web site at http://www.utoronto.ca/iwsgs/conference.html

Launch and Inaugural Conference
Feminist Utopias: Redefining our Projects
November 9-11 2000
New College, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada


Imagine an ideal world - an ideal feminist world. What would it look
What would have to change for us to get there? The intent of this
conference is to bring together feminists from across the world to
assess and redefine feminist projects in a number of areas affecting
women's lives today.

This event will include the launch and inaugural conference of the
Institute for Women's Studies and Gender Studies (IWSGS) at the University
Toronto, which came into existence in 1999. In accordance with the
mandate of IWSGS, the conference aims to create a "polylogue" between
feminists across disciplines, regions, and countries as well as between
feminist scholars, artists and activists, while integrating analyses of
race, gender and sustainability.

Speakers are asked to describe what the ideal situation in their area of
concern would be (the utopian part), then identify the many real
problems that exist (the reality check), and finally discuss how we can
move from
where we are to where we would like to be (the redefining part). The
conference will address some of the key issues in feminist scholarship

The conference is made up of 4 plenary sessions ( Work, Citizenship and
Globalization, Sustainable Societies, Intersectionalities: Addressing
Race,Gender, Class..., and Contested Sexualities) with invited
internationally renowned scholars and prominent activists from a variety
of fields and disciplines. The conference will also include a substantial
number of parallel sessions, for which we invite submissions, on issues
that have been identified of particular relevance to feminist projects

Submissions are invited to address research and innovative projects
related to a series of themes that have been set up by the organizing

1. Beyond Pathologizing Women
2. The New Eugenics
3. Refugee Women: Dis/continuities
4. The Women's Movement: Redefining the Feminist Project for the 21st
5. Women Redefining Spiritualities
6. Cultural Activism
7. Violence
8. Educating for Equity
9. Gender in Sports
10. Gender in the Arts
11. Women in Conflict Zones
12. Race and Gender in Feminist Epistemologies
13. Post/Scripts: current Trends in Women's Prose Fiction
14. Women and Media
15. Gender in Cyberspace
16. Welfare Mothers under Workfare
17. Transnational Families
18. The Future of Sexualities
19. Where We Live - Creating Feminist Spaces
20. Home and Work
21. Whose Body is This Anyway?
22. A Feminist Future for our Children
23. Women and Dis/Abilities
24. The Lifecourse and Aging

ABSTRACTS: We are accepting abstracts on any of these topics from
faculty, students, writers and activists. When applying, please identify
the session number. We also welcome a limited number of proposals for
new themes or innovative sessions or workshops that are not listed. Efforts
will be made to incorporate new, innovative suggestions, space permitting.
For this, please provide a detailed proposal.

Submissions are still being accepted,and should be sent to the address
The conference committee will meet to evaluate each abstract and proposal.
Evaluation will be based on originality and relevance to the conference
Notification of acceptance will be mailed or e-mailed to you in June 2000.
Conference registration and additional information will follow. Information
the conference will also be posted on the IWSGS website:

REQUIREMENTS:With each submission, be sure to include your name,
the title of your paper, the session name and number you are applying
to, your e-mail address, telephone number and fax, and/or any other contact
information and a one-page abstract. Also include a four-line biography
which will be included in the final programme if your abstract is

Please send abstract to:
Feminist Utopias Conference
Institute for Women's Studies and Gender Studies
New College - University of Toronto
40 Willcocks Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 1C6
Phone: (416) 946-3817
Fax: (416) 946-5561
e-mail: iwsgs.conference@utoronto.ca

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