[EDEQUITY] WEEA Resources on Gendered Violence

From: WEEA_Temp@edc.org
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 14:29:58 EDT

Following are resources on gendered violence that are available from the
Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA) Resource Center. Up to 50 copies of
the WEEA Digests (our journal) are available for FREE and the other
resources are very low in cost. To request a complete catalog, for
questions, or for ordering information, call our technical assistance
hotline at 800-225-3088 or our TTY line at 800-354-6798 or visit our web
site at www.edc.org/WomensEquity.

WEEA Digest: "Title IX and Sexual Harassment" -- Discusses how sexual
harassment affects both boys and girls, Title IX requirements, and OCR
guidance. 12 pages. 1998

Educating Against Gender-Based Violence--Offers a clear definition of
gendered violence and its roots.

Gender Stereotypes: The Links to Violence -- Helps anyone who inteacts
with students answer the following questions: What is gender-based
violence? What does it have to do with school violence? What can schools
do to promote and support healthy, violence-free relationships? What
policies and procedures discourage gender-stereotyping? 25 pages. 1995

Gendered Violence: Examining Education's Role -- Explores the implications
of gender-role socialization and the role of schools as carriers of the
culture. Offers a new framework for understanding the systemic and
personal issues we must address in order to create schools and a society
that affirm positive relationships rather than support violence. 31 pages.

Sonya Satinsky
WEEA Equity Resource Center

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