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Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 11:57:53 EDT

Forget violence education. Why not have ethics and morals education in our
schools (not necessarily religious). I would think most major religions
non-religions could agree on a few basic prescripts: don't lie, cheat,
steal, harm others, use violence or the threat of violence to force your
beliefs, morals, yourself on another person and/or group (something I think
both conservatives and liberals could learn). It seems to me we'd keep
ourselves from having to repeat the same old rigamarole each and everytime
we have a moral problem and add another class.

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Linda Purrington wrote:
>The more schools can be involved in educating about dating/domestic
violence, the
>less domestic violence will batter society.

This is true, I would like to see violence education being taught along
sex education.
I would like to know more about what others are doing to get this ball


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discussion to dating violence, which often . . . foreshadows domestic
violence." . . .

Actually, dating violence is covered by domestic violence laws in
California at least, which is accurate, because the violence that girls
undergo in dating relationships is not less than that suffered by
battered women in adultpartnerships. If your state does not have such
legal coverage, that is a great place to put your energy. The more
schools can be involved in educating about dating/domestic violence, the
less domestic violence will batter society. Unfortunately, the situation
of being constrained to go to school with one's attacker is often
exacerbated by the idea that dating violence is less dangerous than
domestic violence. So education starts with educating the educators
about the danger. Do you have statistics on how many incidents of dating
violence are reported, and how many end in death?

Linda Purrington
Title IX Advocates

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