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Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 16:23:12 EDT

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It seems to me that higher ed campuses are a macrocosm of all that affects
K-12 schools. All the power differential between women and men, men having

to prove masculinity, homophobia, and sudden freedom from even fragile
to parents and mitigating institutions add up to places where all the worst

can happen. Until we change what we think about masculinities and
will we begin to improve conditions on campuses (and in schools). Having
that, I must admit that I don't know what specific strategies might be
other than the traditional: efforts at prevention through education.
men through punitive policies and practices might work for a few, but there

is a lot more going on that overrides that. Teaching women to defend
themselves will only work when we have enough of it and women are willing
speak out in enough numbers to illuminate what is happening. I don't hold
much hope for that, given our culture.

Michelle Paludi has written about sexual harassment on campus, and still
workshops and consulting with campuses, I believe. She is an excellent

Melissa Keyes

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