[EDEQUITY Discussion]Opening Statement for Career Education

From: CHammer@aol.com
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 17:10:45 EDT

Amber's point beg the question of whether there is, indeed, free choice
if there is, so what extent. Choice isn't true choice is a heavy gender
specific socialization results in, say, only 3% of the current Electrical
Engineering majors in college being female. Perhaps many more females
have gone into the highly-paid field of EE if they had a different
socialization/enculturation. Feminists are all for choice, but it has to
real choice. Unfortunately, we can never unpack the extent to which
socialization works to funnel us into stereotypical gender roles and career

"choices." The "rugged individual" psychological thesis (or the "free to
choose" economic thesis) pretends that social situation doesn't matter.
Pu-leez. Christy

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