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Here are some resources on career education compiled by the WEEA Equity
Resource Center:

ˇ AAUW Tech Check for Schools
   A self-assessment guide for schools to examine technology opportunities
   for girls and boys. Guide helps identify strengths and challenges of
   school programs in addressing gender equity and offers 25 excellent
   resources to help schools take action to overcome those challenges. 8
   pages/1999. Price 1-24, $2.50; 25-100, $2.00; over 100, $1.75. Available
   from AAUW/Newton Mfg Company; Attn: FULFILLMENT DEPARTMENT, 1123 First
   Ave E, Newton, IA 50208, USA; phone: (800) 225-9998; fax: (800)

   . Creating Opportunities for Students in Nontraditional Training
   An 81/2 x 11 four-fold brochure to provide educators and parents with
   strategies for developing and implementing successful nontraditional
   training and employment programs. It covers institutional support,
   outreach and recruitment, programs, events, training and evaluation as
   well as current statistics. Additional resources are located at the NAPE
   web site. A single copy of the publication is available free (multiple
   copies are $1.00 each) from: National Alliance for Partnerships in
   Equity, Mimi Lufkin, Executive Director, 172 Hood Road, P.O. Box 369,
   Cochranville, PA 19330-0369, Tel: 610-345-7155; Fax: 610-869-4380;
   E-mail: mimilufkin@aol.com; www.napequity.org

   . Educating All Our Children: A Resource and Planning Guide that
   Supports a Commitment to Excellence, Equity, Diversity and
   This publication outlines a five-phase process that helps groups address
   equity issues, team building, and assessment in schools. Activities are
   designed to integrate equity into career education or any other
   initiative or program in K-12 schools. Available from K2 Associates,
   LLC, 2 Science Court, Madison, WI 53711. Free of charge through the
   first printing. Please send a letter of request on your letterhead
   stating how you will use the book.

   . Executive Mentoring: Myths, Issues, Strategies
   Adapted by national corporations, Executive Mentoring provides tested
   guidelines for developing mentor programs for executives, academic
   administrators, and human resources staff. Assesses mentors' needs,
   defines the problems they face, and examines the role mentoring plays in
   their organizations. Discussions of topics such as reasons be a mentor,
   ways to select a protégé, and ways to structure the relationship are
   included (# 2712, 34 pp., $12.50). N. Mertz, Olga Welch, and J.
   Henderson, University of Tennessee 1990.). Available from the WEEA
   Equity Resource Center, 55 Chapel Street, Newton, MA 02458; Tel: (800)
   225-3088; Fax: (617) 332-4318; www.edc.org/womensequity

   . Futures Video: Preparing Young Women for High Skilled, High Wage
   Careers and Facilitator's Guide
   This 40-minute interactive teacher training video produced by the
   Institute for Women In Trades, Technology and Science (IWITTS) combines
   acted vignettes with documentary footage of teachers, students,
   internship coordinators and parents. The video follows the fictional
   Lisa from career counseling to the classroom to an internship. Viewers
   observe how her teacher, counselor and internship coordinator support
   her. Group discussion questions follow each section: Recruitment,
   Classroom Retention, and the Workplace. The Facilitator's Guide
   highlights strategies and key points from the video. Available from:
   National IWITTS, 1150 Ballena Blvd., Suite 102, Alameda, CA 94501-3682
   or Tel: (510) 749-0200; Fax: (510) 749-0500; E-mail: info@iwitts.com;

   . Hand in Hand: Mentoring Young Women
   Hand in Hand is used by a wide range of mentoring programs. Field-tested
   materials train career women of color to be effective mentors for high
   school girls of color. This three-volume set includes a manual for
   workshop leaders that provides guidelines for setting up a program and
   for establishing an active partnership between schools and businesses.
   (Book #1, 103 pp., $27.50); and "ideabook" with workshop activities and
   guidance for both mentors and students about their time together. (Book
   #2 and Journal, 36 pp., $22.50); and a journal for students to record
   their thoughts and insights as they learn about themselves and begin
   planning for a realistic adventure toward adulthood. (Book #3, 58 pp.,
   $9.00). Available from the WEEA Equity Resource Center, 55 Chapel
   Street, Newton, MA 02458; Tel: (800) 225-3088; Fax: (617) 332-4318;

   . Jobs That Pay! Nontraditional Occupations for the 21st Century
   This resource helps programs educate and motivate women to pursue a
   career in a broad range of high-wage fields. The guide includes: 1) 70
   job profiles and descriptions of emerging nontraditional occupations; 2)
   information on how to advocate and market nontraditional training to
   women as well as state and local decision-makers; and 3) an overview of
   federal funding opportunities for nontraditional training. Available
   for $49.95 plus 15% for shipping/handling from Women Work! The National
   Network for Women's Employment, 1625 K Street, NW, Suite 300,
   Washington, DC 20006; www.womenwork.org.

   . National Science Foundation Program Announcement 99-25, Program for
   Gender Equity in Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology.
   Funding for research in educational approaches (K-16) that will increase
   the interest and participation of girls and young women in fields where
   they are underrepresented, such as computer science, engineering,
   physical sciences. It is available online at
   http://www.nsf.gov/cgi-bin/getpub?nsf9925 or contact: National Science
   Foundation, Division of Human Resource Development, 4201 Wilson
   Boulevard, Suite 815, Arlington, Virginia 22230; Tel: (703) 292-8640;
   Fax: (703) 292-9018; www.ehr.nsf.gov/ehr/hrd/pge.asp

   . Pioneering: Poems from the Construction Site
   When a collection of poems about her experiences as an apprentice
   electrician was published in 1984, Susan Eisenberg began to receive
   letters from her counterparts in other trades and other regions of the
   country. Her ensuing dialogue with a national community of tradeswomen
   inspired the poems in Pioneering. (An ILR Press Book, 1998, 88 pages,
   paper ISBN 0-8014-8526-6 $12.95.) Available at local bookstores, from
   Cornell Press at (607) 277-2211, or online at:

   . Putting the Law on Your Side ? A Guide for Women and Girls to Equal
   Opportunity to Career Education and Job Training
   This publication is for girls in middle or high school, or women in
   post-secondary or job training programs. It explains the law that
   applies to career education and offers advice about how to deal with sex
   discrimination in programs. To order copies, please contact National
   Women's Law Center, Attention: Putting the Law on Your Side, 11 Dupont
   Circle, Washington, DC 20036. Tel: (202) 588-5180; Fax: (202) 588-5185;

ˇ School-to-Work All Students/Special Populations
   The mission and commitment of the School-to-Work All Students/ Special
   Populations Work Group is to ensure equity in access, outreach,
   participation, and treatment for educational and work opportunities and
   outcomes for all students in the school-to-work system. It is available
   online at http://www.k12.wa.us/equity/S2WORKDOC.asp or contact: Office
   of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Old Capitol Building, PO Box
   47200, Olympia, WA 98504; Tel: (360) 753 6738; Fax: (360) 664-3631;

ˇ School-to-Work Equitable Outcomes
   School-to-work programs succeed at recruiting, retaining, and helping
   all students, if they meet the needs of girls, students of color,
   students whose first language is not English, students with
   disabilities, and pregnant and parenting teens. School-to-Work
   Equitable Outcomes: outlines the School-to-Work Opportunities Act;
   looks at specific equity and diversity issues in school-to-work;
   describes how gender-biased messages influence girls' and boys'career
   choices; and offers strategies to build an inclusive climate that
   supports all students (#2764, 26 pp., $5.00). Available from the WEEA
   Equity Resource Center, 55 Chapel Street, Newton, MA 02458; Tel: (800)
   225-3088; Fax: (617) 332-4318; www.edc.org/womensequity

ˇ School-to-Work Jump-Start Equity Kit
   Offers a wide variety of resources that will enhance and strengthen all
   career programs. Articles examine the role of equity in school-to-work
   and skill standards. More than 25 pages of interesting activities and
   guidelines for school- and work-based learning; a school-to-work fact
   sheet; information on key programs and publications; and a worksheet to
   disaggregate data to ensure success for all students (#2766, 88 pp.,
   $18.75). Available from the WEEA Equity Resource Center, 55 Chapel
   Street, Newton, MA 02458; Tel: (800) 225-3088; Fax: (617) 332-4318;

ˇ Single Mother's Resource Handbook
   An important addition to programs serving adult women in
   welfare-to-work, community college, or transition programs as well as
   pregnant and parenting teens. This publication helps single mothers
   develop positive self-images, recognize available alternatives, better
   express their needs and feelings, positively influence their children,
   and use problem-solving skills to make better decisions. Updated in 1992
   and translated into Spanish, this easy-to-use guide is a valuable
   resource for all women who are facing the challenges of motherhood (53
   pp., $12.50). Annette Fernando and David Newbert, Head Start Child
   Development Corporation, Revised 1992 (# 2147 English and #2741
   Spanish). Available from the WEEA Equity Resource Center, 55 Chapel
   Street, Newton, MA 02458; Tel: (800) 225-3088; Fax: (617) 332-4318;

ˇ Tech-Savvy: Educating Girls in the New Computer Age
   Explores girls' and teachers' perspectives of today's computer culture
   and technology use at school, home, and the workplace. Presents
   recommendations for broadening access to computers for girls and others
   who don't fit the "male hacker/computer geek" stereotype. 2000. Price
   1-24, $11.95; 25-100, $10.95; over 100, $9.00. Available from
   AAUW/Newton Mfg Company; Attn: FULFILLMENT DEPARTMENT, 1123 First Ave E,
   Newton, IA 50208, USA; phone: (800) 225-9998; fax: (800) 500-5118;

ˇ Tradeswomen of Tomorrow: An Educator's Guide to Nontraditional Career
Awareness for Girls
   This guide for elementary school counselors and teachers includes
   hands-on activities for encouraging girls' interests in nontraditional
   occupations. Available from: Chicago Women in Trades, Inc., 220 S.
   Ashland Ave., Suite 101, Chicago, IL 60607; Tel: (312) 942-1444; Fax:
   (312) 942-0802; www.womenintrades.org

   WEEA Digest: The School-to-Work Opportunities Act--An Opportunity to
   Serve All Students
   A thorough examination of how equity can make career development really
   effective for all students. Available free from the WEEA Equity
   Resource Center, 55 Chapel Street, Newton, MA 02458; Tel: (800)
   225-3088; Fax: (617) 332-4318; www.edc.org/womensequity

ˇ We'll Call You If We Need You: Experiences of Women Working
   Susan Eisenberg became an apprentice electrician in 1978, believing that
   she was part of a growing trend. But women ironworkers, electricians,
   carpenters, painters, and plumbers remain rare today (less than 2
   percent of the construction workforce). Her book features the voices of
   thirty women from across the country who recall their decisions to enter
   the trades, their first days on the job, and their strategies to gain
   training and acceptance. (An ILR Press Book, 1988, 256 pages, cloth ISBN
   0-8014-3360-6 $25.00; paper ISBN 0-8014-8605-X $14.95.) Available at
   local bookstores, from Cornell Press at (607) 277-2211, or online at:

Web Sites

ˇ American Association of University Women
   AAUW is a national organization that promotes education and equity for
   all women and girls. Its web site includes resources developed by the
   AAUW Educational Foundation which funds pioneering research on girls and
   education, community action projects, and fellowships and grants for
   outstanding women around the globe.

ˇ Chicago Women in Trades
     Founded in 1981, CWIT is dedicated to increasing women's economic
   equity through greater access to and representation of women in
   nontraditional, blue-collar, high-wage occupations and to eliminate the
   barriers that prohibit women and girls from entering and succeeding in
   nontraditional fields.

ˇ Educators Website for Information Technology
     EWIT is a learning community of academic and technical educators and
   community-based and business partnerships. EWIT supports the
   innovative use of IT skills and academic standards to enhance learning
   and to develop IT skills for work. The site provides a variety of
   resources for people interested in IT careers.

ˇ The Information Technology Association of America Workforce Resources
     This site provides useful links for women and girls interested in
   information technology careers.

ˇ Institute for Women In Trades, Technology and Science
         IWITTS is dedicated to integrating women into nontraditional
   careers by providing training and technical assistance and publications
   to the
        educational system and employers.

ˇ National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity
     NAPE is a consortium of state agencies responsible for vocational and
   technical education joining forces to provide national leadership for
   sex equity in vocational education. Chartered in 1990, NAPE
   supports the work of states in carrying out the vocational equity duties
   prescribed in federal legislation.

ˇ National Coalition for Sex Equity in Education
      A nonprofit membership organization that provides leadership in the
   identification and infusion of sex equity in all educational programs
   and processes.

ˇ National Women's Law Center
     The NWLC has worked since its inception in 1972 to protect and advance
   the progress of women and girls at work, in school, and in virtually
     every aspect of their lives. The Center brings to its work extensive
   subject expertise in the major areas of family economic security,
   health, employment and education.

ˇ National Science Foundation, Program for Gender Equity
     Efforts in the Program for Gender Equity are dedicated to changing
   factors that have discouraged the early, and continuing, interest in
   science, mathematics, engineering and technology, and to
   developing interest, knowledge, and involvement of girls and young women
   in these fields.

ˇ Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington State

ˇ U.S. Department of Labor

      Women's Bureau

     Since its establishment in June 1920, the Women's Bureau has been the
          only unit at the federal level exclusively concerned with serving
     promoting the interests of working women. Central to its mission is
          the responsibility to advocate and inform women directly and the
     as well, of women's work rights and employment issues.

      Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training

     The Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training (BAT) is the federal agency
          responsible for the administration of the National Apprenticeship
     Established in 1937, BAT is a service agency that promotes and
          provides technical assistance to potential and current sponsors
          in establishing and
     maintaining registered apprenticeship programs. The agency also has
          the responsibility for promoting equality of opportunity in these

      Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations (WANTO) Act

     The WANTO Act Technical Assistance Grants program was implemented in
          fiscal year 1994. Funded through the Jobs Training Partnership
     Act,the Women's Bureau and the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training
          may award grants on a competitive basis to community-based, union
     employer organizations who provide technical assistance to employers
          and labor unions to prepare them to recruit, select, train, and
          retain women
     in apprenticeship and nontraditional occupations.

ˇ Women Work! The National Network for Women's Employment

     Women Work! is a network of over 1,400 education, training and
   employment programs across America dedicated to empowering women from
   diverse backgrounds and helping them achieve economic self-sufficiency.

ˇ Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA) Center

     The national WEEA Center provides technical assistance, referrals,
   resources, curricula, and publications?all focused on equity and
   excellence. The Center, a project of Education Development Center,
   Inc., is funded by the U.S. Department of Education Women's Educational
   Equity Act Program. The web site includes research, fact sheets,
   online resources, and links to other resources and organizations.

ˇ Work 4 Women

     A project of Wider Opportunities for Women (WOW), this web site
   provides tools, strategies and a virtual community to help increase
   women and girls' integration and retention in high wage jobs that
   are considered nontraditional. It includes information about
   nontraditional occupations, training programs, finding work, support
   and networks, "cool jobs for girls," and a resource clearinghouse.

ˇ Workplace Solutions

     A national online network that provides strategies and resources to
   help employers, unions, and apprenticeship programs recruit, orient,
   train,place, and retain women in high wage occupations that are
   nontraditional and to prevent sexual harassment.

For more information, please contact:
WEEA Equity Resource Center
55 Chapel Street
Newton, MA 02458
Tel: (800) 225-3088.

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