[EDEQUITY Discussion]Career Education Resources

From: Herownword@aol.com
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 11:18:23 EDT

Other resources for career education are the 10 videos and 10 resource
in the Her Own Words series on Women in Nontraditional Careers:

Math at Work: Women in Nontraditional Careers
Women in Construction
Women in Dentistry
Women in Engineering
Women in Firefighting
Women in Machining
Women in Nontraditional Careers: An Introduction
Women in Policing
Women in Welding
Work Talk: Women in Nontraditional Careers in Their Own Words

All are available from:
Her Own Words
PO Box 5264
Madison WI 53705-0264
608-271-7083 phone
608-271-0209 fax
website: herownwords.com

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