[EDEQUITY] special section in new moon

From: Nancy Gruver (nancyg@newmoon.org)
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 11:44:23 EDT

hi - with the election season coming up, i hope you'll consider
mentioning the special 8 page section we have in the sept/oct issue of
new moon magazine for girls (in bookstores sept 9):

Our September/October issue of New Moon for Girls contains an 8-page
special section designed to bolster the leadership aspirations of
girls. The curriculum includes a history of women's accomplishments
and offers ways girls can get involved in their communities and

New Moon Publishing and the White House Project Education Fund have
joined in the distribution of this curriculum titled "Welcome to the
White House, Ms. President!."

"Just in time for the November elections, this curriculum inspires
girls to live up to their visions of leadership," said Nancy Gruver,
president of New Moon Publishing. "Our readers (ages 8-14) are the
generation who will make Ms. President a reality. The educational
activities and resources included help them envision that reality and
see how to make it happen."

"This curriculum not only encourages girls to pursue their career
dreams, but also offers a starting point for the journey," said Marie
C. Wilson, president of the White House Project and co-creator of the
Ms. Foundation for Women's "Take Our Daughters to Work® Day. "Readers
learn about the historical accomplishments of women on the way to
making history themselves in the 21st Century."

The 8-page curriculum:

Asks readers what they'd like to see in a female president by creating
mock candidates and writing speeches and slogans;

Recounts historical accomplishments of women in government, sports,
law and space;

Offers advice and encouragement from former U.S. Rep. Shirley Chisholm
(D-NY) who ran for president in 1972;

Suggests ways readers can "take action" now, like writing letters to
the editor and working on a campaign;

Provides a list of educational materials, including websites,
software, and books.

"To make this fantastic resource widely available, we're offering a
special discounted price on orders for 10 or more single copies of the
September/October issue," added Gruver. "We want to get this issue
into the hands of as many students, teachers and parents as possible.
Copies will be still be available after October, as long as supplies

1 ? 9 copies $6.50 each
10 ? 49 copies: $3.00 each
50 ? 99 copies: $2.50 each
100+ copies: $2.00 each

Please call 1-800-381-4743 to order your copies now.

For more information on the White House Project Education Fund, go to
For more information on the White House Project go to
For more information on New Moon go to www.newmoon.org

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