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<"http://www.sadker.org/curric.htm">Click here: Myra Sadker Advocates
for Gender Equity</A>

ANNOUNCING - The Myra Sadker Curriculum Award

Since gender bias can emerge in any subject area, shouldn't every
confront this bias?
Should teacher education programs promote curriculum development that
counters society's biases?
Can an interdisciplinary approach strengthen our efforts to eliminate
racism, classism and other forms of bias in schools?

If you answered yes to these questions, then we want you to participate in
The Myra Sadker Curriculum Award program. This award will honor an
creative lesson plan that integrates an aspect of gender equity into the
classroom curriculum. The possibilities are really limitless! Though gender

is central to the lesson plan, its relationship with race, ethnicity,
orientation, religion, ability and language are all important and

As you explore new and effective methodologies this semester, consider how
gender is depicted in curricula and how these lessons affect both males and

females. And as you develop your language arts, social studies, science,
math, and technology lesson plans, why not integrate gender equity?
Want more information about Myra Sadker and her contributions? Visit Myra's

website site www.sadker.org
(For examples of Gender Equity Lesson Plans:

We ask that all entries be submitted by January 15. Submit them to:

Professor David Sadker
School of Education
McKinley Hall, 109
American University
Washington, D.C. 20016
Please include:
1. One hard copy of the lesson plan

2. A disk copy formatted in Microsoft Word

3. Limit the lesson plan to 2 pages, single-spaced with resources and
attachments as necessary

4. If you are using a picture or graphic, please obtain permission from the

original source.

The recipient of the Myra Sadker Curriculum Award will be honored at the
Sadker Day Event in March with a $100 prize and certificate of recognition.

All entries will be considered for posting on the MSA web site. Students'
unique equity activities then become part of a national effort to promote
gender-fair education.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us
Email: kz1651a@american.edu (Karen Zittleman)
We wish you all the best this semester!

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