Re: [EDEQUITY] Girls Achievement in Math, Science and Technology

From: Barbara O'Donnel (
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 11:23:10 EDT

I'm not one hundred percent sure I understand your question, but I have a
thought anyway. Obviously not all girls or boys have to go in to a field
that is specifically math, science or technology. Still, many if not ALL
careers are impacted by our foundations in these fields. For example, I am
in the field of Development, Family Studies and ECE. When I introduce this
topic to girls (as I have done at Math and Science Career days - amazingly
enough some programs include the Social Sciences as a Science - I wish more
did!), I suggest how we use statistics to study the field we are interested
in and that all professionals in our area need to understand basic
statistics so they can read and critique information on their own. Again,
I'm not sure this is what you are asking or if you are asking how to build
self-esteem in college-aged women who have no confidence left in math?
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