Re: [EDEQUITY Dialogue]Opening Statement--Janalee Jordan-Meldrum

From: Marty Henry (
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 13:33:56 EDT

I must admit that I am not completely familiar with all of the funding
criteria from either AAUW or other funders, but it seems that I have missed
any financial support for young women who want to pursue non-traditional
careers but who don't have the highest grades or most stellar records to
support the pursuit of their goal. Does anything exist along these lines?

Marty Henry
Senior Consultant, McREL

Janalee wrote:

<At the American Association of University Women (AAUW) Educational
Foundation, we are often asked to explain why we restrict funding
specifically to women. Research, however, continues to demonstrate that
inequities persist in girls' and women's education--especially in math,
science, and technology fields--that justify our funding restrictions. I
would like to use my opening statement to ask list participants to identify
areas of funding that you would like to see foundations and other funders
(corporations, goverment bodies, etc.) support. Are there new types of
funding we should be offering? Currently, what areas of support for women
and girls are seriously underfunded? What types of new or on-going
projects should funders support? How might various funders work
together to better support programs for women and girls?>

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