Re: [EDEQUITY Dialogue]Opening Statement-Edith Harvey

From: Christina Perez (
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 16:27:17 EDT

I'd like to comment on the question that was posed at the end of this
opening statement: "With limited funds available, how can we target $ to
address the greatest needs?"

I believe that the best way to make limited funds achieve the greatest
impact is to target the largest percentage of funding to programs that work
at a systemic level. I'd like to see fewer programs that focus on girls
themselves as the "problem" that needs to change (e.g. doing interventions
with girls that try to get them interested in SMET). Instead, I'm
interested in trying to change the climate that exists that causes girls to
be disinterested in the first place. This work needs to be done with
teachers, school administrators, parents, the community at-large, staff
developers, etc.

On another tack, very little research has been done that looks at how
race/ethnicity, class, and gender come together to influence student
learning. It seems to me that more information is needed on this, and that
gender equity work needs to have its eyes open to considering the whole
child and not just the girl-child.

Christina Perez, Research Associate

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