[EDEQUITY] Opening Statement by Mary Thompson

From: edeqmod@edc.org
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 14:09:06 EST

It is an honor to be invited back to this continuing discussion on Women
Girls in Science.

Last year's discussion highlighted much of the research and many of the
strategies and programs already identified as assisting towards increasing
girls' and women's representation and achievements in science.

As the co-author and publisher of "The Scientist Within You" series and
recently the creator of "The Mother And Daughter Science Club" program,
stressed the importance of science, math, and technology in the lives of
women and girls.

This past year technology has become an important factor in my continuing
advocacy for this issue and should well serve others in their development
and distribution of programs and other resources.

Computer technology has finally provided a simple and a low cost solution
1) distributing program materials and resources via the internet and to 2)
publishing books and manuals via CD-ROMS.

Here are two examples of effective distribution.

For the past 25 years Dr. Patricia B. Campbell of Campbell-Kibler
has been doing research and evaluation to increase gender and race equity
math, science and technology education. Results of her work can be found at
the Campbell-Kibler web site <http://www.campbell-kibler.com> in the
of "user friendly" brochures and pamphlets.

Several short exercises and activities were created for "The Mother And
Daughter Science Club" to encourage, educate, and empower teachers,
administrators, and parents to become advocates for keeping girls and young
women in SMT classes. A small equity grant enabled me to publish this
material entitled "M.A.D. Solutions to Gender Equity Issues" for
distribution on the web. <http://www.alphaci.com/equity>

In this discussion, I hope we can explore the uses of these and other
technologies for enhancing the effectiveness of our advocacy for women and
girls in science.

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