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I can recommend a couple communication vehicles for reaching dads.

The non-profit organization, Dads and Daughters, is a great resource. These issues (science,
math & technology) are not their main focus but they are great
advocates for the importance of fathers' involvement with their
daughters in many realms.

Our newsletter for parents & teachers, New Moon Network, also
regularly includes research and practical info about girls, parents
and science/tech/math. we're always looking for well-written,
non-academic articles that will help parents put the research about
how girls learn into practice in their everyday lives. For writer's
guidelines go to

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Also, how do we promote good "mentoring" techniques among fathers in
their interaction with their daughters? For instance, buying scientific
toys for their daughters at an early age, and taking them to science fairs
museums when they take their sons? Should we use the Parent
TeachersAssociation (PTA), School Newsletters, or Community
Organizations(Science oriented) to reach Dads? Can anyone think of any
other communication

Helen Barclay

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