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learning and access to technology
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Erin raises a terrific point--we do need more information on the research
regarding boys and girls learning. As someone who tends not to subscribe
the biological deterministic approach to gender, I'd want to critically
examine any claims this research makes. Is there a citation available?

Additionally, Marty raises an extremely important consideration regarding
technology not being accessible to everyone.

As a PhD. candidate in a Rhetoric and Technical Communication program at
Michigan Technological University, I can attest to this issue's
significance. I have been involved in a seminar that trains teachers to
incorporate technologies into their classrooms.

It is clear from this experience, as well as previously teaching in an open
admission university, that the question of access is often ignored.
the assumption often is that "everyone" has access to this "democratic"

Sadly, as Marty points out, this is far from the case. Inner city schools,
as students have pointed out to me, often have few textbooks, much less
even one computer for teachers or students. Many students I have had in my
classrooms have not had any previous experiences with computers and/or
technologies. It is up to us to realize and remember this in all of our
future endeavors.

Cheryl Malgay Heath

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 I'd like to know more about the research about girls and boys processing
 information differently . . .

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 Research has shown that girls process information differently from boys.
 How then can we ensure that parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and
 administrators, encourage girls pick science for career goals?

 Helen Barclay

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