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Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 15:44:40 EST

Question posted:
How then can we ensure that parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and
administrators, encourage girls pick science for career goals?


In this era of globalization the real humane world is divided into
progressive, trying to be progressive, and traditional people. When the
developed world has to worry about how "girls process information
differently from boys".
While in Africa girls go through "infibulation" not to become over sexy
(Reader's Digest, Oct,
1999). In my country, Bangladesh, at present time every educated family's
studious daughter goes into fulfilling her parents' dream of becoming a
medical doctor, while her brother is encouraged to become a computer
engineer. If these choices fails for either of them then they enter the
admissions race of
commerce OR science subjects.But what we gather [see or hear] from the TV
soap operas or films is
that girls of the developed world are not encouraged to pick science for
career goals.

So, the suggestions are different for different regions, [and worlds]

For developed world--

1. Barbie dolls should have scientist's attire instead of Cindy Crawford's
slim figure,
2. Hello magazine should include interview women scientists.
3. In BBC's HARDTALK Tim should start interviewing women scientists.
4. European Parents' Association, World Parents' Association should be
5. Global school science fairs should be organized where students from
progressive countries should act as coordinators (having friendly attitude
towards traditional students).
6. Computer programming competition should have sections like Interior
7. Computer or snail mail networking should be established between
highly progressive and highly traditional countries.

I thinks the list can become never ending.

Monira Hossain <>

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