[EDEQUITY Science Dialogue] Developed World

From: Benna (benna@zajil.net)
Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 10:37:54 EST

I quite agree with the comments in Monira Hossain's opening address. I
have just completed a PhD thesis on the motivation of women to higher
education in a developing country. One of the major findings in my
study is that the disparity between men & women in participation in
higher education and in Science & Technology is alarming. There is also
regional disparity in participation in higher education as well as in
the Science based courses. To bridge this gap, and to empower women on
this issue, women NGOs, professionals, groups etc must carry out
intensive awareness campaigns to enlightened girls and parents on the
importance of girls participation in education in general and in science
& technology in particular.

We, in the developing countries have to make efforts through our
governments to change curricular contents to depict both men & women in
the various profession, not just men in the sciences and women in the
'female' domain subjects.

I enjoy reading all the articles in this forum and look forward to
participating regularly in the discussions.

Dr. Indo Benna

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