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Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 11:27:05 EST

In response to Gay Gordon the facilitator of the Dialogue quoted on "Sue V.

We at the WEEA Equity Resource Center have been providing on-line equity
training for middle school math and science teachers in our course
"Engaging Middle School Girls in Math and Science" for several years now.
Based on participants' feedback, we realized the need for more
science-related materials for gender equitable practices and curricula.
Teachers asked that we provide more resources that relate specifically to
science classrooms, and, as a result, we created a supplemental guide for
teachers, "Promoting Gender Equity in the Science Classroom: A Practical
Guide to Accessing and Implementing Gender-Fair Strategies," using all of
the wonderful resources from Sue Rosser, Mary Thompson, Linda Samuels and
others. We compiled this guide in order to give teachers a quick, concise,
and usable set of steps that they can begin with, and provide resources for
them to use in order to advance their knowledge and tools in creating a
gender equitable classroom.

This supplemental guide is now being field tested by past and current
participants, WEEA partners, and teachers who have accessed the guide on
our website. If you are interested, please check our website at and find the guide listed under Highlights on the
right side of the homepage screen. We hope that this will be a valuable
resource for teachers, and we welcome all feedback and comments. We
encourage you to share it with colleagues, but request that you not quote
or cite from this without prior written permission from us. We welcome any
input you have regarding the structure and focus of the guide, content,
resources listed, gaps in coverage, questions, as well as any positive
comments you may have that we could include in marketing the final version.

Thank you.

Rebecca Gondek
Technical Assistance Specialist
WEEA Equity Resource Center
Education Development Center
55 Chapel Street
Newton, MA 02458
Phone: (800) 225 - 3088; Fax: (617) 332 - 4318

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