[EDEQUITY Science Dialogue] Information processing

From: hbarclay@edc.org
Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 13:00:46 EST

In response to inquiries regarding the citations for the "research" that
shows that boys and girls process information differently, I made this
statement from the standpoint of a parent with a child with autism. In
discussions with neurologists and special education experts in Boston, as
well as Television specials on autism that boys/girls do process
information differently (spatial images; left brain vs right brain
tendencies; and hormonal effects on brain development on speech, language
and disorders). I cannot site specific information here, but I suggest
that anyone who is interested should contact Children's Hospital and Mass
General's Speech and Language Department and they may be able to refer you
to research information.

As a parent
Helen Barclay

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