EDEQUITY Science Dialogue] Example of traditional knowledge

From: Elizabeth England-Kennedy (lizek@antioch-college.edu)
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 11:27:54 EST

This brings an article to mind;

Urla, Jacqueline & Alan C. Swedlund. 1995. The anthropometry of Barbie:
unsettling ideals of the feminine body in popular culture. In: Deviant
Bodies, Jennifer Terry & Jacqueline Urla, eds. (Bloomington: University of
Indiana Press).

Just thought some folks would like to see it... I now return to my lurker
post :) -- even when I don't comment directly, I want you all to know I
get a lot out of the discussion that is directly applicable to what I do.

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Past posted message:
On Fri, 17 Nov 2000, Linda Purrington wrote:

> Can you give an example of traditional knowledge? It would seem
> important not to inadvertently ghettoize girls by continuing their prior
> ghettoization in a subject area (for example, by teaching classes on the
> chemistry of makeup, --although the plastics of Barbie construction
> might be interesting).
> Linda Purrington
> Title IX Advocates
> lpurring@earthlink.net

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