[ EDEQUITY Science Dialogue] Example of traditional knowledge

From: Monira Hossain (monirah@bou.bangla.net)
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 12:30:27 EST

Examples of traditional knowledge is cooking. For example sprinkling salt
over a boiled potatoes then cutting it into thin slices so that it would
cool quickly. Another example of traditional knowledge is facial symmetry
because it is important at the time of applying make-up.

In addition I have a funny story from my childhood years, whenever I used
to have indigestion, my mother would offer me something which helped in
the absorption of gas. I never like the idea, but after so many years I
admire my mother's traditional wisdom and how she applied it to indigenous

She still makes mango preserve with vinegar. I didn't understand the part
of vinegar. Thou, I enjoy the mango preserve and my children are very fond
of it, as well. When I try to explain the chemistry behind the usage of
vinegar in mango preserve. My children would walk away from the
conversation, they hate chemistry at home.

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