[EDEQUITY Science Dialogue] Closing Statement.

From: Monira Hossain (monirah@bou.bangla.net)
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 16:50:29 EST

I would like to thank all the participants, who actively interact;specially
to those would provided me with valuable and rich feedback on my
opening statement.

Personally, I learned a lot from this Women and Girls in Science:Continuing
the Discussion. In reviewing this weeks dialogue I have categorize our
topics in the following way. And how we still need tackle the issue of
"women & girls in science" by these topics.

   Developed world,
   Developing world,
   Marginal world (sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, Afghanistan, Saudi
Arabia, Caribbean Islands, Islands like Iryan Jaya)

   Formal curriculum,
   Indigenous curriculum

    Print based,
    Classroom interaction
    Peer interaction,
    Societal interaction,
    Family interaction,

Development of Networks at the:

In the global networking : learners, teachers, parents from the developed
world should come forward to act as mentors, coordinators,and team leaders.
In my view, an effective and well-planned networking of the above list will
be able to generate a lot of interest among the learners, and
their families in the developing world.

Thank you to all who participate in the dialogue for giving me a chance to
share this rich academic interaction as a panelist.

Monira Hossain
Bangladesh Open University

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