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From: sheeran176@aol.com
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 12:15:19 EST

Not for publication.

Never seems to be enough time to jump in when topic is ongoing. Oh well
perhaps this is another topic.

I happened to back into the Barnes & Noble web site looking for a booklet
they sponsor with the ADL. It wasn't there BUT what catch my eye was
on line. Having used the Internet extensively during teaching 98-99, find
web quests, and learning that any one www search with yield only one-third
relevant sites, something finally hit be.

The discussion has focus on have-have nots in technology. We are ignoring
the contribution that educators can make on assisting information consumers

on the reliability of all the stuff out there they and their kids are using

as education. How about developing a rating, approval system by Dept. of
Education, learning centers etc. It could be voluntary and webmasters would

have to apply for review.

I know this is just a skeleton of an idea but one of the things I taught
evaluation of websites. Eight-grade students did the drills, so to speak
I can honestly say that when it comes to surfing the web they aren't going
check sources. The general consensus is that, if it's out there it's true,
etc. That's dangerous. There's a lot of bad stuff out there.

Hope you can use this. I'd love to see what this think tank, listserv,
come up with.
Jane Sheeran
NYS AAUW Diversity Director 00-02

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