[EDEQUITY] Website Contest

From: YGUEYE@cie.ci
Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 12:34:27 EST

Dear Frances!!

this is a great idea .As we don't have website to participate to the
context, we still would like
to share the result. That is to print out the winning site as a picture or
a post card ( like
UNICEF card) and distribute them in the world for free in girls school or
schools attended by girls from elementary school up higschool.

General Secretary of Ivorain Society of Women Engineers

Past message posted
Frances K. Morse on National Academy of Engineering Website Design Contest!

Where Do I Get More Details?
Check out the Celebration of Women in Engineering website (
http://www.nae.edu/cwe) for more information on the design contest,
engineering as a career, and how to get into engineering.

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