[EDEQUITY] Discrimination

From: Amber Valeris DeWine (Your_Honor@mail.findlaw.com.criticalpath.net)
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 15:17:02 EST

Responding to Dr. Buysse:

Dr. Buysse, I'm sure you're eminently aware of the fact that we cannot go
back and repair mistakes that were made in the past. We cannot go back and
give those millions of girls and women opportunities to play sports.

However, I am unconvinced that the answer to make up for discrimination
that occurred years ago is to discriminate against the "other" now. If you
have some wisdom that would support such a solution I would be happy to
hear and examine it. Let's say that we discriminate against the boys for,
say, 80-100 years to make up for all that discrimination against girls.
Then what happens 100 years from now? Do we discriminate against the girls
again to make up for the 100 years of discrimination against boys? Then
discriminate against boys again, then discriminate against girls again,
then discriminate against boys again, etc., etc., etc., until the end of
time? Do you see that as a positive direction in which society should be
heading? Or do you believe, as I do, that it is more reasonable to put a
period and call an end to all discrimination, against whoever and for
whatever reason, right now?

PS- I'm not sure that you speak for all sports when you say that they are
unbecoming of gentlemanly behavior. Ironically, wrestling, the sport that
the quota advocates are wiping out, is a prime example of a sport with the
strictest codes of ethics and sportsmanship.

Amber V. DeWine

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