[EDEQUTY] Dropping Sports

From: Melissa Keyes (Equitymk@aol.com)
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 16:50:55 EST

I haven't responded to Amber's opinions on men's athletics because she
repeats the erroneous spin of the male coaches who don't want to achieve
equity for both men and women. It is clear she does not know much about
athletics or she would know that most of the time, men's athletics are
reduced for very different reasons, not related to women's athletics.

Often, however, athletic boards and directors tell the men's teams and
alumni that they are being dropped because of Title IX, perhaps because it
must be too difficult for them to face their buddies with the truth: the
sport isn't generating any fan interest, fewer students are going out for
it is too dangerous for the school to allow it to happen (such as with
boxing), or any number of other criteria that are used to evaluate
continuation/establishment of both men's and women's sports. In some cases

when men's sports are dropped, women's sports are also dropped at the same
time, but all the public hears is the outcry because the men's sport went
"because of gender equity," which is not true.

I haven't responded to Amber because I have spent the last 25 years of my
life working for equity for both boys and girls, and I know she's
misinformed. We can't reach everyone, and I've stopped trying. I'll give
best to those who are really for equity, not tossing out red herrings.
Melissa Keyes

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