[EDEQUITY] Title IX Clarification

From: Rochelle Riling (seamouse@televar.com)
Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 10:47:05 EST

Perhaps someone who works directly with Title IX at the collegiate level
clarify something for me. . . at the high school level in my state,
participation rates can be considered equitable if one of three factors are
1. the gender ratio of athletes closely approximates the gender ratio of
actual student body OR
2. a district can show a continuing pattern of program expansion for the
underrepresented gender, including a clear process to request new sports
and a
"future" plan
3. a student interest survey demonstrates athletic interest is being
i.e. 20% of gender Y says they do not want to play sports and gender Y is
underrepresented by 20%

How does this component of review work at the college level? (Please let
know in what capacity you work with Title IX- thanks)

Additionally, at the high school level we look at spending and quality in
various areas, and things like access to publicity avenues, prime time game
scheduling slots, adequacy of competition levels, etc.

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