[EDEQUITY Male Dialogue]

From: Marty Henry (mhenry@mcrel.org)
Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 16:30:07 EST

That's fascinating, David. I knew there was an impact but hadn't seen these
figures before. Working with Doctoral students is one issue and one place
where you can legitimately bring these issues to the forefront of your
discussions. However, when working with teachers who have some
understanding of gender issues, how would you suggest we approach this
enmeshment? It's hard enough for them to begin to understand and address
gender inequity; added to the cultural issues it becomes hard. With the SES
issues, it almost becomes overwhelming. I understand the need to do all
three, but would really appreciate some practical suggestions as to how we
can accomplish that with only a semester, at most, with them.

Thanks for any suggestions you and/or others may have.

Martha A. Henry, Ed D

David wrote:

  I am continually amazed at the almost invisible power that social
economic class exerts on all these
issues. I find gender stereotypes, or race issues, for example, to be
strongly influenced by class, yet class is too rarely considered along with
these other factors. Whenever I can, I encourage doctoral students to
organize their studies to tease out these critical factors in their

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