[EDEQUITY Male Dialogue] More resources for boys

From: CFlood@aol.com
Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 12:36:31 EST

Just another thought about resources related to boys and the intersection
race/ethnicity. The California Dept. of Ed. through the wonderful
of Connie Gipson, former vocational equity coordinator, published a series
"workbooks" designed to be used with adolescent boys from varying ethnic
cultural backgrounds. They are as follows:

Johnson, Michael and Constance Gipson. "Visions Program: Career Guidance
Life Management for African American Males." Williams, CA: Connections
Leadership Project, 1997. An excellent resource that is literature based
with activities and lessons patterned around cultural "rites of passage."

Reveles, Francisco. "Encuentros: Hombre a Hombre." Williams, CA:
Connections Leadership Project, 1998. Developed for Latino males.

Hanson, Michael. "Options: Making Connections in Today's World." Williams,
CA: Connections Leadership Project, 1997. Developed for use with
European-American males. Activities include perspective taking and
understanding issues of diversity.

There was a fourth book, "Generations" that was being developed by a Native

American poet, Eddie Webb. I am not sure what the status of that book is,
but I had an opportunity to spend an absolutely fascinating afternoon with
Eddie talking about his work and perspectives on gender and its
with Native American culture.

If anyone is interested I would be pleased to help you find the books.


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