[EDEQUITY Male dialogue] liabilities in learning

From: Catherine P. Dooley (LPCAINC@aol.com)
Date: Wed Dec 13 2000 - 10:34:33 EST

    (An addendum, part 2)
     As a result, boys stay away from emotional expression and the arts for

fear of ridicule. Boys who love to sing won't join chorus because it's a
"wimpy" thing to do. Creative expression is inhibited and limited.
Opportunities for dancing, acting, singing, poetry, writing, improvisation,

art, etc. are lost to boys who subscribe to the traditional male model.
way to break through this block for boys is to make these classes part of
normal curriculum. If every boy is expected to learn and participate in
type of creativity it will allow boys to save face in breaking through the
"cultural straightjacket" they wear. I have seen wonderful poetry and
creative writing done by boys who where expected to produce creative
as part of the English curriculum. These boys didn't succeed with one try,
but with a persistent and supportive teacher and class were eventually able

to use creative means of expression with enjoyment and great pride!

Cate Dooley

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