[EDEQUITY Male Dialogue] Dissemination and Funding

From: Stephanie Barlow (Sabwestvir@aol.com)
Date: Thu Dec 14 2000 - 15:55:47 EST

I believe funding and information dissemination are two fundamental issues
that need to be addressed in this discussion, as well as in all equity

I think the problem of information dissemination has already been touched
with some of the questions to the panel. How do you get the work that is
already out there in the hands of a fourth grade teacher in Fairmont, WV
example? Is it possible to systematically move the results of equity
research more into the mainstream of the education community and the
population? These questions also came up during the last panel discussion
equity in math, science and technology.

I made a statement several weeks ago regarding the "Sommers Issue" that may

have been misinterpreted There has in fact been significant work regarding

boys/males and equity. Unfortunately, most people not directly involved
with equity are unaware of this material. It is Sommers' claim that
is being done" that seems to have resonated with the public. I personally
believe "doing something" is the last thing she wants. I believe we can
take this issue away from her by showing that in fact "something is being
done." This question is how do we get the word out?

Craig Flood made an important point several weeks ago - "I have worked
hundreds of schools districts, have had access to thousands more, and am
hard-pressed to name more than a small percentage that have truly
institutionalized gender equity concerns. And, not surprisingly, where they

have, all the students are better off than before those concerns were

I believe that most equity funding currently comes in discrete programs
addresses specific topics for a finite amount of time. This certainly
sense to demonstrate program effectiveness. However, it is difficult for
to believe that this patchwork approach can provide a significant, lasting
impact on students. Instead of dealing with specific issues, can we
fundamental principles which are inherent in all equity issues? Can we use

this to construct, and fund, comprehensive, institutionalized, equity

I would also like the panel to address the issue of boys and special
education. This topic came up before this panel discussion began. Are
over-represented? Are girls underrepresented? Are special education and
remedial programs equally effective for boys and girls?


Stephanie Barlow

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