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From: Deborah Mulligan (dlmul0@rangevilss.qld.edu.au)
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 16:12:39 EST

Subject: [EDEQUITY Male Dialogue] Closing Statement by Deborah Mulligan

As educationalists I feel we have a duty to ensure that gender equity in
the classroom prevails. Too often the whole 'boy' issue is put in the 'too
hard basket'. This could happen so easily with unsupportive administration;
unstable peer relationships; complicated rhetoric; suspicious parents;
dicotomous messages from a society in crisis;and of course, the ever
present stress that goes with the whole teaching experience. My challenge
to teachers is to be a lone voice, challenge the idea that boys are slower
learners than girls. Stand up and shout for justice on behalf of all those
gorgeous little 6 year old boys who walk through the door on the first day
of school with wide-eyed wonder and leave school down trodden and labled by
certain adults as worthless and not as good as girls. Boys are not girls,
and God willing, they never will be. Let's celebrate this fact rather than
work against it.

Deborah Mulligan
Reangeveille State School32 High Street
Toowoeemba 4350 Australia
E-mail: <dlmul0@rangevilss.qld.edu.au >

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