[EDEQUITY] equity vs. opportunity to learn

From: Marty Henry (mhenry@mcrel.org)
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 15:39:25 EST


Please excuse the cross posting for those of you on both lists.

A colleague of mine has called my attention to a discussion within the
equity community on the use of "opportunity to learn" as opposed to
"equity." Evidently the mathematics community prefers opportunity to learn
and has incorporated it into their recent documents to the exclusion of the
term, equity. Some believe this is a way to lower expectations for
minorities and underrepresented groups...they have had the opportunity to
learn so we don't have to do any more for them.

I am not familiar with the recent rationale or discussion around these
issues. Can anyone fill me in on either side of this issue?


Marty Henry

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