[EDEQUITY Male Dialogue] Citation needed

From: Tim Flinders (thf@tworock.org)
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 12:31:36 EST

Reference our past dialogue on "Gender Issue is a Male Issue", December
11-15, 2000:

Mr. Flood: I enjoyed your contribution to the Ed Equity dialogue on boys
was especially interested in the research you refer to below. Can you give
me an specific citations referencing the "androgynous model of competence?"
In my work with gifted children for a couple of decades, my experience has
been that the most "successful" gifted students managed to express a
combination of traditional masculine and feminine qualities. I'd love to
at research that might document this.
Tim Flinders
Director, Gifted and Talented Education
Old Adobe USD
Petaluma, Ca

Mr. Flood wrote in this opening statement:
"Growing out of the work of Emmy Werner, Bonnie
Benard and others, it has been shown that healthy human development and
resiliency are highly dependent on the ability to draw on an "androgynous
model of competence"?one that balances nurturance, caring and emotional
intelligence, with autonomy, risk-taking and problem-solving; all strongly
stereotyped qualities as we know. "

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