women and power conference

Thu, 2 May 1996 10:11:44 -0400

The WOMEN AND POWER conference will be held February 21 and 22,
1997 at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfressboro, Tn.
Conference organizers are seeking papers on a variety of topics
related to women and power. Suggested sessions and contact
persons are listed below (unless specified all addresses are
at Murfreesboro, Tn 37132).

Abstracts for papers (20 minutes maximum) should be 200-500
words, typed and doublespaced. Send to the contact person listed
to coordinate each session.

Additional proposals for panel sessions and other presentation
formats are encouraged. Submit to Dr. Nancy Rupprecht (whose
addresss is below).

All materials should be postmarked by October 1, 1996.

1. Women and Ecology/Ecofeminism
Women and AIDS
Sherry Walker, MTSU Box 10
swalker@frank.mtsu.edu or 615/898-2696

2. Women and Education Issues
Candace Rosovsky, JAWC, MTSU Box 295

3. French Feminism
Nancy Goldberg, MTSU Box 79
goldberg@frank.mtsu.edu or 615/898-2281

4. Women and the Media
Elyce Helford, MTSU Box 70
ehelford@frank.mtsu.edu or 615/898-5961

5. Affirmative Action in Higher Education
Marian Timm, Assistant Executive Vice Chancellor
524 Administration Building
University of Cailfornia-Irvine
Irvine, CA 92717 or 714/824-5594

6. Women and the Welfare System
Bill Canak, MTSU Box 10
wcanak@frank.mtsu.edu or 615/898-2508

7. Women and Politics
Lisa Langenbach, MTSU Box X032

8. Women in the Western Philosophical Tradition
Mary Mageda-Ward, MTSU Box 73
mmageda@frank.mtsu.edu or 615/898-5174

9a. Women and Spirituality
Carole Carroll, MTSU Box 10
ccarroll@frank.mtsu.edu or 615/898-2519

9b. Women and Spirituality: Mystics Without Monasteries
Gloria Hamilton, MTSU Box 97
ghamilto@frank.mtsu.edu or 615/898-5745

10. Women, Race, and Class
Jackie Jackson, MTSU Box 70
jjackson@frank.mtsu.edu or 615/898-2604

11. Women in Performance
Claudia Barnett, MTSU Box 70
cbarnett@frank.mtsu.edu or 615/898-2705

12. Women in History
Mary Hoffschwelle, MTSU Box 23
hoffschwelle@frank.mtsu.edu or 615/898-5806

13. Women in Cyberspace
Jackie Eller, conference coordinator, MTSU Box 126
jaeller@frank.mtsu.edu or 615/898-5910

14. Women and Children's Literature
Ellen Donovan, MTSU Box 70
edonovan@frank.mtsu.edu or 615/898-2653

15. Women and Business
Anna Burford, MTSU Box 232
aburford@frank.mtsu.edu or 615/898-2766

16. Women and Law
Margaret Ordoubadian, MTSU Box 258

17. Women and Music
Christine Isley-Farmer, MTSU Box 47

18. Women and Life Transitions
Beth Emery, MTSU Box 86
bemery@frank.mtsu.edu or 615/898-2468

19. Women in Literature
Linda Badley, MTSU Box 245
lbadley@frank.mtsu.edu or 615/898-2677

20. Women and Science
Alice Mills, MTSU Box 60
amills@frank.mtsu.edu or 615/898-5021

21. Women and Sports
Mary Belle Ginanni, MTSU Box 349

22. Women and Crime
Mic Hallett, MTSU Box 238
mhallett@frank.mtsu.edu or 615/898-5565

23. Women and Health
Jimmie Price, Women's Studies Center
Western Kentucky University
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101
jimmie.price@wky.edu or tel/fax 502/745-6861

24. Native Women and Health
Pam Kingfisher, 4730 Hickory Lane, Murfreesboro, TN 37129
m_c_0047@frank.mtsu.edu or tel/fax 615/893-2635

25. a. Women and Sexuality
b. Women and Art
c. Papers not fitting other categories
Nancy Rupprecht, Conference Program Chair
MTSU Box 23
womenstu@frank.mtsu.edu or 615/898-2645

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