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Mon, 13 May 1996 16:31:33 -0400

Try as I might, I can't imagine separating behavior from attitude. People
can't help themselves; they often say and do things without thinking, and
certainly without slipping into an "equity" mode. If they believe something
to be true, their actions eventually will betray their thoughts, whether they
realize it or not. This is especially true in the classroom, where
interactions and spontaneous discussions are great ways to teach and learn,
but can also be opportunities for sarcasm and favoritism to rear their ugly

I think our work in equity is necessarily concerned with behavior because it
is quantifiable, what we can see, hear and measure. The people who designed
the brochure have revealed an attitude with their behavior, and attitudes can
be changed. Ray, imposing beliefs to change attitudes isn't always a bad
thing. What about attitudes that permit and support such injustices as
lynching or slavery or domestic violence?

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National Education Association
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