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Hello Bill--in regard to your question about the relationship of the alphabet
soup of weea, i hope this clarifies things:

We are the WEEA Equity Resource Center (formerly the WEEA Publishing Center), a
federally funded project to enhance the educational opportunities for women and
girls. We are funded to be the resource and dissemination/technical assistance
center for the WEEA program, which also funds about 20 field-based projects a
year. Since our establishment in 1978, we have worked with the over 700 grants
that the Department of Education has funded. In addition, we have developed a
national dissemination network that now includes over 100,000 individuals and
organizations. We produce digests, monographs, and other documents to support
gender equity (for both females and males) and publish the products that the
grants may create.

EDEQUITY--our listserv is one of two ways we reach out to the field via
technology. We began EDEQUITY a few months ago to help link practitioners,
researchers, teachers, parents, students and others in ongoing conversations
about how to best support gender equity in education.

Our other technology tool is a newly established world wide web site, called
Equity OnLine.

The WEEA Center is one of over 60 projects at EDC. Education Development
Center, Inc. was established as a non-profit research and development
organizaton in 1958. We now have over 300 employees, several offices both
nationally and internationally, and we work in all education arenas.

During the last budget cycle, all funding for WEEA was eliminated from the
budget, along with funding for the states' Title IV staff. Because the we are on
a slightly different budget cycle, the WEEA projects--our center and the field-
based projects--will continue to September 30, 1996. After that, the center and
all the projects will be defunded--ending over 20 years of work, investment, and
educational impact. The WEEA Program is in the budget for the next fiscal year
and if it remains, the Department of Education would start up the program again,
with funding available for projects beginning October 1, 1997. As far as I
know, there has been no discussion within the Department of Education on who
else might maintain the WEEA function, although there is a large national effort
to request continued funding for the program. I have heard that equity
advocates are asking Secretary Reilly and Dept. Secretary Kunin to meet with
them to discuss this. Despite the outcry from the field--directed primarily at
Congress, it is not clear how much they have heard from folks. We remain
hopeful that WEEA can continue in some form.

We at EDC are currently looking for ways in which we can continue this valuable
work, but that future funding will determine what role we can play. Without
it, we will cease to exist after October 1, 1996. This means that we are now
also trying to clarify how we can continue to disseminate materials and
resources. Thanks for your inquiry. If you have futher questions on the WEEA
Center or EDC,feel free to contact me directly. If you have questions on the
future of our functions or the thinking in the department about how to continue
this role, I guess you should talk directly to Reilly or Kunin.

Katherine Hanson
WEEA EQuity Resource Center
EDC, 55 Chapel St, Newton, MA

Subject: Re: EDEQUITY Developments
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I'm doing a paper on WEEA and have become confused about some more
recent events. Perhaps you could help clear them up for me or direct me
to an resource thatcouls.

1) what is the connection between weea and edc, weea and edequity, and
edc and edequity?

2) have other agencies taken on some of weea's old functions as best they
can, ie. nsf? how far does that go back?

If possible, I would appreciate a prompt reply.

Bill Oetjen

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