Re: Gender equity teaching methods.

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Responding to Bill O's query, I would like to share a new publication
produced by the Province of British Columbia Apprenticeship Branch: The
Equity In Apprenticeship Resource Kit has a very good section on the
barriers that are faced by each of a variety of groups [women, visible
minorities, aboriginal people and people with disabilities] and outlines
what a number of Canadian provinces are doing to address them. There is a
section on effective initiatives both public and private sector in both the
US and Canada. and the is a massive section of annotated policy, program,
and a/v and print resources. Included in this>latter section is an area
called "Creating an Equitable Classroom and Curriculum" which includes 23
resources, many of which would be of interest to many people on the
conference. I am checking the copyright issues with the Province to see
about posting that section, but it is only just being made available to the
public for sale through the Open Learning Agency (604)431-3000.
>Hello, Folks,
> As a student of education, I am trying to improve
>teaching methods in the area of gender equity. Beyond
>lists of suggestions and research materials documenting
>the effects of educational sexism, there seems to be
>little of practical use. Does anyone know of a systematic
>observation program, for instance on video, that demonstrates
>how to identify sexist practices? I've found such programs
>to be helpful in other areas of method, so why not in
>gender (or even race) equity?
> Thanks for your time,
> Bill O.
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