Feedback on U.S. Dept. of Ed Priorities
Wed, 10 Jul 96 15:15:41 EST

***You are invited to provide input to the U.S. Department of
Education on priorities which the Department should implement to
improve the lives of girls and women in and through education.***

The U.S. Department of Education (Department) is working with the
President's Interagency Council on Women to develop a National Action
Agenda -- a blue print to move the US towards the goals of the United
Nations Fourth World Conference on Women by the year 2000. The
Department has been asked to submit the Education section of a Draft
National Action Agenda to the President's Interagency Council on Women.

If you would like to make suggestions of what should be included in
the Education section of the National Action Agenda by sharing your
views of priorities, now is the time for action.

We would like to receive your ideas by July 15 so that we will have
time to organize them for our submission to the Interagency Council by
July 31.

Your responses should be sent no later than JULY 15, 1996, to the
Department's Special Assistant for Gender Equity

If you have any questions, please e-mail or call
(202) 401-1000.

If you would like more information on the President's Interagency
Council including information on the Resource Library of the
President's Interagency Council on Women such as the UN Beijing
Conference Platform for Action and information on the status of women
in the U.S. visit the Council's web site:

To make it easy for us to summarize your advice it would be
helpful if you would:

1. List one or more priorities on which the Department of
Education should focus to improve the lives of girls and women:

2. For each priority you identified, name one goal that should
be met to improve the lives of girls and women.

Thank you!

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