Request for Submissions
Wed, 10 Jul 96 15:13:16 EST

Please reply to those listed below. Thanks.



The Subpanel on Mathematics, Science and Technology of the Pilot
Gender Equity Expert Panel is requesting submissions and suggestions
of promising and exemplary products, programs and practices.

The submission forms will be available from the WEEA Resource Center at EDC by
Wed. July 10 at:


Hard copies of the submission forms and other background information on the
gender equity expert panel are also available from Joe Maxwell at the WEEA
Resource Center at EDC, by calling 800-225-3088 or 617-969-7101 ext. 2467, fax
617-332-4318, or from Susan Klein at OERI, Tel.
202-219-2038, fax 202-219-1404 or

The OERI standards which regulate the criteria and procedures to be used by the
Expert panels were published in the June 3 Federal Register as "Standards
for Conduct and Evaluation of Activities Carried out by the Office of
Educational Research and Improvement--Designation of Promising and
Exemplary Programs: Proposed Rule". They are available on-line at the
Department's World Wide Web site. The direct URL is:

Or, you can go to the Ed home page and follow the NEWS link to the
Federal Register notices. These regulations are out for a 60 day comment
period, so please share them with anyone who may be interested.

Lynn Fox, American University and June Mark from EDC have agreed to serve as
co-chairs of the Mathematics, Science and Technology subpanel of the Gender
Equity Expert Panel.

To help determine what would be appropriate to submit, the gender equity expert
panel guidelines contain the following checklist:

____ The panel will be able to review some evidence that suggests the program,
product or practice had a positive impact on users/beneficiaries in at least one
context/ location.

____ It is possible that the program could be used in multiple

____ It fits into the purview of the gender equity expert panel because it
addresses goals to help females and/or males achieve equity in and through

The Gender Equity Subpanel on Mathematics, Science and Technology is planning to
meet during the National Coalition for Sex Equity in Education Conference in
Princeton, NJ on July 21-24, 1996. Thus, we would particularly appreciate an
initial responses by July 18, 1996. We would also like to know if members of
your staff or others you suggest would like to participate in the advisory group
to the gender equity expert panel. If so, please have them send information on
their interests and qualifications to Sue Klein.

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