gender equity in primary and elementary math
Fri, 11 Oct 1996 19:01:41 +0000

I am doing a research assignment on gender equity in math at
the grade 3 level. I am using "Math Circus" to test the
individual problem solving ability of my class which I will
then review in terms of gender. Then I will attempt to teach
to their weaknesses and see if there is any difference in the
result. I expect that at this level, there should not be very
much difference in the ability of girls vs boys.

(I am also hoping that this extra effort might affect their general
problem solving ability. I find that only about 20-25% of the students
in my classes are successful with problems at the first attempt. I
also feel strongly that if children can handle math problems, they
can be more successful at problems in life, whenever they occur, thus
I feel that this is a very important skill.)

Do you recommend any particular research that would be
pertinent to my topic? This assignment is from York
University, Computers Part 1, generally taken by teachers who
wish to increase their computer knowledge and classroom

Thank you.

Heather Lindsay

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