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Writing he reply to "Toys and Gender" which I just sent reminded me
(though not until after hitting "Send") to look on the shelf for
Selma Greenberg's book, _Right from the Start: A Guide to NonSexist
Child Rearing_. It seemed to me that if it's true the toy
companies choose stereotyped packaging and marketing by design, it
must be because that's the way they think they can sell toys most
effectively. That raises the question - on which I'd really like to
see research - of how parents/children purchase toys and what factors
influence purchase. So that led me to check out Selma Greenberg's

Well, the point of *this* post is, Selma Greenberg's book, _Right
from the Start_, was a fantastic groundbreaking work, but it was
published in 1978. I haven't seen it around in stores for years,
and I haven't seen her name on anything recently. Does anybody
know if this book was ever updated, or of any other works by Selma
Greenberg or others along these lines?

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