Re: dissertation help (fwd)

Barbara J Tavares (
Mon, 14 Oct 1996 08:36:35 -1000

There have been many projects across the nation with that goal in mind,
and i feel there is a "start." As far as broad based attitudes, however,
the going is slow. We have at least two projects that have been conducted
in Honolulu in the past year that you may want more information about, and
we also have many GESA trainings going on for DOE and Community College
teachers. GESA confronts the basic sexism practices that are so pervasive
in classrooms.

I personally feel just as much as the "uncool" perception about math is
the heavy pressure of the importance of physical attractiveness. This
priority for many girls drains away the energy for other goals. I haven't
seen any dirct research in this, however.

Let me know if you'e like more information on what has been happening in
Hawaii on this subject. Barbara Tavares

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