Re: Gender Equity in the Classroom & Philosophy

Mon, 18 Nov 1996 15:12:33 CST

> I have been taking a course of the Philosophy of Education at my local
> university. This semester I have focused my theme on gender equity issues
> in the classroom. I was wondering if anyone has read or knows of any
> resources dealing with gender equity in the classroom from a philosophical
> viewpoint. We have been studying the works of John Dewey, Nel Noddings,
> Joan Tronto, Gertrude Himmelfarb and Benjamin Barber. At this point, John
> Dewey seems to be my best bet. Any suggestions?


A book I highly reccomend for background on philosophy is Nancy
Truana'a Woman and the History of Philosophy, published by Paragon.
She studies the views of women displayed by the big traditional
philosophers, who laid the ground work for the discipline, Plato,
Aristotle, Descartes, etc.
Shawn MacDonald, Director of the Women's Center, Equity Coordinator
Northland Community and Technical College
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