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Thu, 05 Dec 1996 14:41:53 -0500

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Proposition 209 passed last month in California. This measure amends
the state constitution to outlaw affirmative action programs for women
and people of color in public education, employment and contracting. It
will also gut sex discrimination law in the state. Send a message
directly to the President and to the Attorney General urging action to
block enforcement of this dangerous measure. If you do not have Web
access and would like us to send you the text of this letter, please
send an email to haney@feminist.org.

Don't forget to do all of your holiday shopping for feminist friends and
family right from our Feminist Online Store that features a wide
selection of gifts, books, t-shirts, and gifts for young feminists.
Also visit the interactive Feminist Mystery Corner in the store store to
buy feminist mysteries autographed by some of our favorite authors.
The store also carries Rock for Choice products, including the new Rock
for Choice holiday CD. Don't miss this great music compilation that
benefits the Feminist Majority's Clinic Defense project.

Also new on the Feminist Majority Foundation Online are facts and links
about sexual harassment. Found in our 911 section, our sexual
harassment resources now include hotlines, links to other Internet
resources with summaries of the sites, and information about the
occurrence of sexual harassment at work, in schools, and in the military
with an index of feminist news stories on the sexual harassment in the
military and at Mitsubishi.

In global feminism, we have added a whole new section on CEDAW, the
Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. Read
the document, find out about its history, and look through our list of
countries who have ratified it (the U.S. is the only developed nation
that has not ratified the treaty). Take Action to encourage members of
Congress to ratify CEDAW.

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