Re: Dialogue on Single-Sex Education -Reply

Wed, 22 Apr 1998 11:38:43 -0500

Not one message I've read here in this discussion dismisses problems
that male students face. To me, the question has two aspects to
explore: 1) What kind/methods/styles of education help which students?
2) Does separating students on the basis of sex serve those students and
society at large in strongly benefical ways? The mere separation on the
basis of sex, regardless of the learning style(s), classroom methods
of teaching used and so on is entirely too simplistic- whether it's for boys
only or girls only. To set up a single sex school that is designed to use
students as "receivers" of education instread of as participants in
education misses the point. I keep seeing the video of the "boys"
chasing Shannon Faulkner's car as she left VMI. Is this how we want
both males and females to behave towards each other? Those "boys"
are in a school which was designed to prepare future leaders for this
country. What kind of leadership was that? Do we want males and
females to see each other as threats to each other? Do we want to set
up environments where stereotyped notions of how "all" males learn
drives a curriculum and a school? Do we want that for "all" girls? What
about the reality of the individuals?

Peggy Weeks

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